The Conjure Man (newly released)

The Conjure Man is a delightful read written by my friend Peter Damien Bellis.

This novel gives a colorful view of life in the deep south from a boy’s perspective. Kilby, though cautioned, must experience his superstitious world for himself;  though there are real and perceived dangers.

The reader feels as though he has walked into Mark Twain’s world.  I expected to bump into Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer along the journey.

Like Twain, Damien has lessons for the reader to learn vicariously through the characters in The Conjure Man.

Take care as you enter the world of the The Conjure Man; the alligators or the lazy southern language might carry you away.

Don’t be surprised if this novel is turned into a movie in the near future.

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Independent Bookstores can contact River Boat Books ( and send an email to the Publisher, George David (

Review written June 15, 2010


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