On My Mind

On My mind

I saw you today

you were out to play

eyes shouldn’t linger

couldn’t pull away


… on my mind


Shape and form

I must confess

unusual beauty

the urge to caress


… on my mind


Scintillating glow

captivates my sight

trapped by your shadow

living for daylight


… always on my mind


Shades of gray

Never the same

Winsome beauty

Please never change


Your shadow is always on my mind

Thank You of  the shadow HoriaVarlan



11 thoughts on “On My Mind

  1. Moon Beam…

    Sometime it amazes me to see the depth and beauty in simplicity. This little verse carries a lot of feeling.
    You are simply amazing…Everyday!

    You make me smile Les…Thanks


  2. I’m not sure how I miss reading poems from poets that I always love to read…but it does happen…the reasons are almost always boring so…”whatever” as they say…just wanted to say how much I liked this poem…it reminded me of someone I use to watch…not stalk..when I lived in Nebraska…she cast a beautiful shadow. 😉


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