Must Shine on My Own

Couldn’t stop you

You were going down

I wasn’t ready to shine

my smile looked more like a  frown


You taught me the basics

seasons and days

made sure I’d stay clear

of your rays


You gave me a piece

of something too

wasn’t sure

was it the wisdom of you?


You left me

a lone little moon

I guess I was ready

just seemed all too  soon


You spoke from the ages

about your ways

I will miss looking across

the earth at your gaze


14 thoughts on “Must Shine on My Own

  1. Beautiful… the image as well Leslie… I love the words : “You spoke from the ages”…so timeless. Very nice! =) *hugs & love dear friend ~April


  2. “I wasn’t ready to shine all alone”
    That was my favorite line in this piece because it made me wonder what the story is behind that not-readiness and aloneness, and so it drew me into the poem with a desire to answer ny questions. It would make a wonderful first line for a story or a novel.


  3. Lovely wordplay and rhymes, Leslie…
    It does teach us great things.. it makes the most deepest of voices speak and be heard..
    An elegant way of putting it across…


  4. Nice concept. we get lot of information from the experience of mentors. After we learn from them, its upto us to put those info into application . From then on, its all about our efforts and ability to shine on our own. Nice poetry.


  5. So many different ways of viewing this poem…for me I saw the lost of someone who had walked beside you for many years and then died….leaving you to now to shine on your own but with the wisdom of their years now with you…but you know me…always just a little out there. 😉


  6. Magic words…..loved the picture, it compliments your poem so well! One word…Timeless and very moving to me!! Wherever you are, whatever you do, have a wonderful weekend my dear friend ~ Hugs x


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