Ahhhh New York



Rarely sleep

Dear Lady

Mr. Ellis

tower above the sky


quite the Broad

Putting on

The glitz


Balls and rackets

I look at you in




I’m looking down on you

The Crowds

The fans

The Thrills

The jams

I Love



*final dance step exit stage right*


FYI:I love the song N Y C – my daughter played Grace in a local production of Annie. It’s a wonderful song / memory….

That’s a piece of my NYC rendition

Susan at Stony River does great Monday Flash Fiction. Guess what our prompt was??? Join Us on Mondays


17 thoughts on “Ahhhh New York

  1. And I LIVE and LOVE NYC!!!
    Even on the dullest of days, just one look at Manhattan skyline from my window does the trick!
    Thanks for this lovely post, Les… am heading off to the easy chair by my window, to digest that beautiful Empire-Chrysler view… aaahhh…invigorating!!!


  2. I visited NYC in 1997,
    cars run very fast,
    I rode the train from Princeton, NJ there,
    thus riding on taxi made me feel scared…

    love the statue of liberty,
    fun place for music, arts, and literature…

    beautiful micro fiction!


  3. I like the song too. New York was the theme once for the Galveston Mardi Grai. Our crew, Houdah, did NY skits as we marched along and threw beads. Our group was in cadence with New York, New York.


  4. I took a train too from Ottawa to Hartford and on to New York City. Can barely remember the trip except for the heavenly cheesecake in Little Italy, the parade at St Liberty, the YMCA, the subway and Broadway…

    All these MFMs bring it back so vividly…

    Thank you Moondustwriter.


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