Reserved for the Rich (Theme Thursday)

I looked upon the elegant display of food on china that you could see through.

Flowers had been brought in for the occasion from other parts of the world – after all it was the dead of winter.

I wanted just a taste of the finest food; to inhale roses and gardenias.

As the daughter of the lowest servant on the estate, I would be lucky to get a dry left -over bone.

The standard poodle, Rasputin, would get some of the best that was left – he might share with me.

We were friends-Rasputin was the only friend I had in the world.

He had saved me from falling off the third story banister when I was two or three.

He was my protector. He loved me almost as much as I loved him.

He hated all the pretense of the family he lived with.

He told me that one day as we were having tea.

He always shared the best with me.

At times, he would invite me to share his satin bed cushion for a nap.

He was old now;  I was no longer small enough to curl up with him on his cushion.

I know he wished I might attend the event rather than serve.

I didn’t mind.

“She will have to do” one of the servants said as she dragged me toward the living quarters.

I wondered what they were planning.

There, laid out on a  huge bed, was a pewter satin dress. My eyes got big as the women yanked off my black servant’s attire.

Someone tugged on black ,sheer, silk nylons. I had never felt anything so luxurious next to my skin.

They wrapped diamonds around my neck and put my dark hair up in a quick coiffure. Fortunately my hair was naturally curly so it pinned up easily and ringlets naturally fell around my neck.

Black gloves and black shoes were the last accoutrement.

“Voila,” one of my friends said as she brushed away unseen lint.

“She is a beautiful.”

“Wonder what the master will say?”

I wondered why the master would say anything.

As one of the women squirted perfume, she explained that the party was one woman short.

Some important friends with a younger son were attending and they had promised a partner for him for dinner.

Someone quickly explained table etiquette.

What they didn’t know is Rasputin had taught me at tea.

I had always pretended to be as grand as he was.

The night was long, hot, and tiring.

The young man a fat, prideful, bore.

But … the food was magnificent

and I got to inhale the flowers

to my heart’s content.

Photo: Burning Photo


Author: moondustwriter

Thank you for visiting Moondustwriter. One of the many exciting things I've had the honor of doing is writing and publishing in multiple genres (including education) in E. African for E. Africa. As a writer, it is a thrill to write for children (on all continents) who want to learn. I've been part of the blogging community for more than 13 years. Some old timers may remember the award winning (2011 Twitter Shorty ) blog community - One Stop Poetry. I was the co-producer of that fast growing blog community. I am a published writer, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, blogs and fellow writers. There are many facets to this moon - my joy is in meeting you!

20 thoughts on “Reserved for the Rich (Theme Thursday)”

  1. A beautiful allegory of the very finest caliber. Class knows no social distinction and beauty refuses to be confined to those who can afford to live head and shoulders above the rest.

    A heart of gold and the wisdom of a child and her dog… priceless.


  2. Hah, a story that brings back my favorite book as a child, Little Princess… We both zoomed in on the downtrodden, this TT: yours a temporary brush with wealth. Well done. [Is there a typo here: He told me that one say as we were having tea. one day?]


  3. smiles. and perhaps in doing so she got a greater appreciation for what little she has…hot, tiring, rideful and boring doesnt sound like a whole lot of fun…smiles. happy tt moon!


  4. A cinderella story with a boring prince instead of a charming one 😉 😀 or somewhat similar.. lol..

    good verse here, Moonie.. good that she got to attend the event!


  5. This was an awesome awesome fairy tale!!! And now, Rasputin is my most favorite fairy of them all….
    Such a BEAUTIFUL narration, Moon.. I am in awe of your writing!!!
    Keep up the brilliance, my dear friend…


    1. okay I’m lost, I not THAT good at german. LOL:) Do you live in gemanry? I want to just for the school system(they get out in 9th grade). great post! i actually own this one, but can’t get past the first chapter. I keep wanting to skip around, which is weird because I thought I’d love it, being interesting in Anastasia and all…o well,-amy


  6. Fabulous, for sure. I like how she found the prince to be a bore, and that she knew exactly what she wanted out of the evening: some fragrant flowers, a lovely frock and heaps of eats. 🙂


  7. Okay, I’m totally fed up! (with missing your posts, I mean!) I had added you to my sidebar, but Blogger decided to make a snack of the links and I had to do them over. Without Mr. Linky, I have the devil’s own time finding you. So, (ten watt bulb goes on over Shay’s noggin) I went to the last One Shot Wednesday, then here, then added you again, and now I shan’t miss anything! (but I’m exhausted lol.)

    As for this, it’s truly a gem, Moonie. I loved it! The dog’s name is perfect, and I love it that he wasn’t into all the pomp, and that he had taught the speaker of the piece many things. My dog certainly has to take me in hand (in paw?) on regular basis, or I would flounder for sure. Again, I loved this Cinderella story of yours….it’s full of that moondust you pack your poems with.


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