Honey Where Are You? (Flash Fiction#Alzheimers)

I looked today

turned around

What did you say

Did you make a sound

“Honey I love you”

I heard her say

With all we’d been through

My memories at times seem so far away


After speaking with a dear friend whose wife is captive in Alzheimer’s, I was inspired to write this Fiction for him, for her

Thanks to Monkey Man who weekly hosts our flash fiction in 160.  Amazing what people can do with a few words. Join us


16 thoughts on “Honey Where Are You? (Flash Fiction#Alzheimers)

  1. Thank you for this lovely post. I have several friends with family members who have this disease. It is so painful to see them go through this and there is nothing I can do……


    1. i have hashimotos anocphalcpathywhieh has to do with the brain.ihave missed dr. appointments dueto nobody able to take me.on bad dayi need a companion cant rememberwhere im going.i do have awalkerthat i use if my back is bad.my backcant hold me up and i just fall downdo you think im eligable.


    1. yes there are several things i would rather deal with – tho for the person lost it often is like just drifting away into oblivion


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