Never Let You Go #OneShotWednesday

Rain fell today in the form of tears

the sky knew her sorrow

mirroring the gray somber visage

We knew someday  she’d go

knew there would be an end

but the tears had their own way of making rivulets

in our hearts

The storm will pass they say

today the rushing swollen river

pulls trees and roots into its foam

It will one day be a babbling brook

so they say

she will sing contented songs like a child

but not today!

Tomorrow she must face bravely

the next day her routines  must change

“I must go on for her sake

but today


I’ll lay on a new mound of dirt

dig my fingers into the earth

and never let you go”

Two dear friends, one I call sister, lost their parents during Christmas. If you feel the sorrow, weep for them or for your own loss. How do you replace someone who has been part of your daily existence for a lifetime? You don’t! You pray those memories carry you through. To my dear Martha and Hil – I love you!

I’m also sharing this poem with One Shot Wednesday.

Raging river photo

Mill Creek photo Moondustwriter

Author: moondustwriter

Thank you for visiting Moondustwriter. One of the many exciting things I've had the honor of doing is writing and publishing in multiple genres (including education) in E. African for E. Africa. As a writer, it is a thrill to write for children (on all continents) who want to learn. I've been part of the blogging community for more than 13 years. Some old timers may remember the award winning (2011 Twitter Shorty ) blog community - One Stop Poetry. I was the co-producer of that fast growing blog community. I am a published writer, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, blogs and fellow writers. There are many facets to this moon - my joy is in meeting you!

36 thoughts on “Never Let You Go #OneShotWednesday”

  1. Sucks when the inspiration comes from the Searchers. Rigidly sad events move smoothly in your poetry. Beautiful portrayal is all we can endeavor to do, and I think you pretty much nailed that.



      1. There are definitely defeirfnt processes at work once you start considering an audience I reckon that’s true for any media actually song, poem, painting. The difference between something you do for yourself and something you do for others is that in the former, its the process of creating that feels good, whereas in the latter, it’s the reaction of the audience. Creating something for yourself then presenting it to others takes courage. But if they like it, it must be an amazing feeling.


  2. What a beautiful and heart-wrenching poem Leslie. You speak much truth in it. The torrents do ebb into the shallows, but waves still come in future storms. I wish your friends peace, strength and good friends and family to lean on in this difficult time.


  3. This was powerful, and your friends surely received great strength from this. Thank you for sharing this. I have a friend who lost her mother just before Christmas, and I will share with her.


  4. I cry everyday for my dearest father i lost but four months ago and it so very hard to let him go..
    I wish for your friends peace of mind and strength to get by
    xoxoxo for writing this today


    1. இந த மதம , அதன ம டநம ப க க கள , ச த ய ஏற றத த ழ வ , ச த டம , த ய க க ள த த அத ல வ ல மத ப ப ள ள ப ர ட கள க ட ட வத , – த ர மணம , க ழந த க க க த க த த தல , த த என ற ஏத த ச ல ல அப ப வ கள டம பணம ப ட ங க வத , – கடல ல வ ழ ம ர க க ட ட வ ட நல ல ந ரம க ற த த க க ட ப பத , – இளம வயத ல கணவன இறந த ல ப ண ண ம ட ட யட த த ம ள ய க க ப ட ட வ ப பத ..-‘கர ய ன ப ற ற ட க க கர ந கம க ட வந தத ப ல’ மற றவர உழ ப ப ல கட டப பட ம க வ ல கள ல உட க ர ந த க ள ள யட ப பத – இச ல ம யர கள ம க ற த த வர கள ம எத ர கள என ற கட ட க கத க கட ட , மதக கலவரங கள த த ண ட இரத தம க ட ப பத -தம ழ இனத த , தம ழ ம ழ ய அழ க க கங கணம கட ட க த த ர ப பத – இர சபட ச வ டன க ட ட ச ர ந த க ட ட க க ல ச ய வத ப ர ப பனர கள ச ய த பண கள (“social reform or ahytning productive for the society”) பட ட யல ப டம ட ய ம ?


  5. This just tugs at my heart, Moonie. With a 90 year old mother and a 98 year old Aunt…it’s coming.

    Beautiful, simple, heart felt universal poem.

    Lady Nyo


  6. Excellent post. I have written since I leaenrd how to read, whether people read or approve of my work or not. It’s nice to be read, but the artist in me just wants to say it, whatever it may be. Writing to me means self expression, a way to organize my thoughts, and it’s a means to an end itself. I abandoned writing for publishers awhile ago. In fact, I rarely submit my work anymore. I’m not in a publish or perish career, I’ve written for a regional newspaper, and I am satisfied with having my three books out there. If anything else gets published, that’s fine. If not, I will continue to write. It’s part of who I am there’s simply no way I could stop.


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