I will always… (#OneShotWednesday)

A silent wintry night
Consumed all warmth
Blazing fire
Failed it’s attempts
To cauterize what was left


Charred driftwood
Stripped, laid bare
No life
Gone all feeling

A Rent, sardonic smile
Blood tattooed hand
Held the last
vestige of hope

Scarred words

an eternal imprint

I will always…

Love You

Here’s to another year of poetry. Thanks to each of you who have made One Stop a great place to be.

thanks to Vijo for the photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vijo/2969456756


57 thoughts on “I will always… (#OneShotWednesday)

  1. Those hennaed hands may scream out at you, but it’s the silent ‘i love you’ that has a lasting impact… A lot of hope is blanketed in those words, especially when they come from the heart 🙂
    Forever is a long time indeed… but with words like ‘love’, even forever seems like just one short moment 🙂

    Beautiful poem, Leslie… I liked the mixed emotions that I saw in it.. very real…


    1. Oh C you know me the moody romantic. Must be the rain (its never supposed to rain in California).
      I saw a glorious sunset on the coast and now I want to write about fanciful things.



  2. This is a cold poem, filled with need bordering on desperation. Through your spare form the emotions pile like heavy snow and blinding ice. Well done. Thank you. Gay @beachanny


  3. Moon Sister,
    you’ve captured raw and honest emotions in this poem, suffusing the painful truths of life and living into your (i’d say…) fiery words…
    Hugs from my place


  4. “Failed it’s attempts
    To cauterize what was left” this caught fire for me and failed to stop my from reading the life blood flowing through your words. Beautiful. (LOVE THE PHOTO TOO!!!)


  5. Ohh….I had to read this (dull here…) a couple of times. First time, it was rather a shock to the system…which is what good poetry can do!

    The hennaed hands threw me….as a belly dancer, we have that on occasion, but it’s around weddings mostly.

    Then the juxtaposition of the two extremes …the coldness, and the end “I love you”….started to weave it’s magic on this very dull mind today.

    Haunting poem….though it is a many layered poem to me.

    Lady Nyo


  6. Beautifully done. Maybe it started with the picture…it hit me as inverted tattoos and then I saw your words as also inverted with a message as powerful from the inside as from outside….so well done. I look forward to reading so much of your work.


  7. Sardonic…new word for me. I’ll try a sardonic smile today and see how it works.
    to tatoo “I will always love you” That is commitment…Love can be so scarring at times…


  8. Ahhhhhh, MoonKist One,

    A great feat of art and patience in those henna’ed hands. Love knows no bounds.

    And holy cow – this poem — amazing words here, took me on quite a trip in these few words. Deep & Powerful.

    Brilliant how you used cauterize.

    Just a big WOW on this poem.



  9. I have to say I love the hands. Beautiful henna work. And the poetry; the last two lines change the entire feel of the poem. It has a harsh, static feel, then softens with the I love you. Darn love.


    1. Thanks Steve for reading. I guess the blunt has come from all my micro fiction writing. An added adge as a childrens author.


  10. the blood tattooed hands made me shiver..for a moment i thought you write about when indian husbands burn their wives cause they don’t love them any more – have seen a horrible report on tv about this – and maybe it was because of the henna hands and the blood tattooed…sad piece – but skillfully crafted moonie


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