Interplanetary Fireworks #flashfiction

The stars brilliantly stayed in line.

Planets knew their place.

It was time for the interplanetary firework display

The Leonids put all earthly pyrotechnics to shame!

Thanks to Tune Tezel for the awesome shot of the Leonid shower

Thanks Monkey Man for the weekly Flash Fiction in 160 characters show.


20 thoughts on “Interplanetary Fireworks #flashfiction

  1. I used to ride on my banana seat bicycle with Leona Leonid! After sunset she always used to burst into sparkles. And she never charged admission.

    Lovely as always to be in Moon Land. I feel all sprinkled with love now.



  2. Woooowwwiee!! What a fine shower of beauty this was!! Made my eyes glint in wonder!
    Moonie, you have a thing for those celestial bodies…don’t ya?! 🙂


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