Dream Another Night Away #Valentine #DuetPoetry

She is in his dreams dancing lightly across his sighs

closer than a whisper warming his heart

waking his need to dance with love

they dance to the soft sounds of night

spinning with the stars above and the lights in her eyes


Desire awakening with each kiss

perfection in each fluid move

finding endless hope in cosmic display

lover’s plight to only meet at night

days spent dreaming of the lover missed


Their rival daylight

in darkness ecstasy takes flight

tantalizing essence mesmerizes and captivates

lovers intertwined in a feast of senses

exploring the infinite horizons of joy so right


They revel in a world never fraught with pain

seize one last lingering kiss before dawn

walking in a daze until they dream another night away

eyes close reminding him of

stormy currents turbulent plains



…and a Tanka Attempt for One Stop Poetry Form


(For Each of you dear folks I have met through blogging and One Stop Poetry – A Tanka Valentine)

I look at your names

A smile then comes to my face

memories and more

You have each made my life full

so in my heart theres a place

to each of you love and More

Thank you for letting my friend Sean Vessey and myself  share another of our poetry duets with you. Each line is a response to the other ~ the duet (above) is sung from the heart to honor each of you dear people who bring such joy to our lives – Happy Valentine’s Day.

photos Courtesy of Creative Commons



17 thoughts on “Dream Another Night Away #Valentine #DuetPoetry

  1. Both you and Sean are very well suited, I think 🙂 Great duet, really enjoyed reading it, sincere and touching in its delivery, they’re so much fun!! I think I’m addicted to them now!

    Great Tanka, and a moment to say thank you to you, and Brian, Gay, Chris, Adam, Pete Claudia and Jessie for hosting one stop. Our names would be glimmers of stardust without you.


    1. It is a joy to have a someone gifted like Sean to write with. thanks for the vote of confidence I hope the publishers feel the same. You are a bright glimmer – to us 🙂


  2. and we thank you…the Tanka offers two of my favorite tasks in writing…emotion and compression…it’s easy, just make a mountain move, with a feather…HA

    Peace, hp


  3. That was tantalizing. I had to read it twice, and then again. The very words themselves intertwined like lover’s limbs. It was hard to know who was who. Superb.

    And charmed by your tanka. Nice to meet you too.


  4. You never cease to astond me Leslie… you are the LOVE Poet par excellence!
    I loved the daisy one so much indeed!
    This is YOUR DAY hun, Happy Valentine’s… hoping you enjoy it to the fullest!

    For your info: Sweeter Poetry is kind of finished …so I’ve created a new blog in case you are interested… http://myduality2.blogspot.com/


    1. there was a site today that focussed on all the hurts of Valentine’s Day. That picture I took with the flowers (thrown in a pool) showed me another aspect of love the broken part – that is sadly part of love too.

      thanks Dulce you are a romantic heart as well
      hugs my dear


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