Read Behind Those Eyes #oneshotwednesday

You can’t see

behind vibrant blue

there is a story to be read

in those eyes

windows to the soul

flecks of stars

but not like before …


Just a day

one of those

like any other

in a moment

metal and flesh become one

a bloody fusion

so much you can see

that you aren’t looking for

so much is gone

that you had not known

never seen in those eyes


what does it mean when …

life is ebbing

like water it flows

through invisible fingers

life poured on the pavement

gravel pitted knees

praying at Heaven’s door

watching, begging

darkness taking it’s claim

no life remains

no energy left to play

no last lover’s kiss

“she’s gone” they proclaim

Why? for she’d lived so few days


For those of you who know me, please read my comment about this poem.

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43 thoughts on “Read Behind Those Eyes #oneshotwednesday

  1. Upon first reading you feel loss and pity, but then after reading that the piece is about you and your survival – it comes across as broken survivor piece of work. This is especially true when you refer to ‘windows of the soul’ and their ties to what happened in the accident. It’s a moving piece about someone who was lost, still moving forward, but forever hurt by this event. As a side note: I almost wish I didn’t know the additional information you shared, I always think it’s better to let the reader walk away with their own interpretation of the piece. But, that is just me, and what the hell do I know? RS


    1. Ok so here is the addendum here instead: Recently I had a friend challenge me to write pieces of my story in prose ( since the book won’t come out ’til). This is about me and as I am writing this yes I am still alive. If I could tell you everything that happened that day, you wouldn’t believe it – only a handful do – including one doctor who believes in miracles ( as I do!)


  2. whatever happened that day, i’m so thankful you survived and i think stories like this make us the people we are…being even more thankful for what we’ve got when almost everything seemed to be lost once…and there are stories to be read in so many eyes..


  3. This poem is another layer of you, Leslie. I found it sobering. I saw “She’d lived for so few days” as a warning to make the most of life. I am glad that you are with us. I am happy to have you as friend & writing partner. I look forward to meeting you irl someday.


  4. Really powerful writing, more so with the truth behind your words. Such a strong sense of fear in your words, transports to the moment. Very glad you survived and managed to draw strength from it now.


  5. It is amazing how after a terrible accident or illness that one survives, though a part of us does die, there is a rebirth and gratitude for each day ever after. I know for me after a car totalling accident years ago…(our neon was destroyed by an 18 wheeler)…my very tiny daughters and I miraculously survived and I changed so much after that…it was a strange gift, but in someways it probably saved my soul, if you know what I mean. I’m so glad you are here to share your story. Your writing always inspires me.


  6. WOw so resurrection exists! I am glad the miracle happened… you had to be here to share that wisdom of yours with us… A miracle it is to have met you and be able to read all you are able to write and especially this piece… unique!
    hugs from my island to the moon 🙂


  7. I can’t help thinking there was a loss of life that day…but I’m so glad you survived to write of it so eloquently. It sounds like it was very harrowing…and, in hindsight, uplifting and life-altering.


  8. Probably because I worked as a hospice nurse for many years, but I’m drawn to themes of death and dying and you’ve turned a magnificent poem here, Leslie. Perfect images…one of the best I’ve read. I’m going back for another look.


  9. OMG…that was so moving and scary at the same time…. i felt like i was looming in the background watching this tragedy take place…. so happy YOU are still here with us.


  10. Heartstopping ending. Fantastically detailed exopsition; the imagery tells of the harsh nature of the scene while the word choice cloaks the miracle in the context of the everyday world. Fascinating read; wonderful post for the emotion within. Thanks for giving out so much to think about! You have a wonderful grasp of how you utilize language. Amazing.



  11. so much resonated for me Leslie ~ stillborn son ~ no days ~ babies living hours and days ~ near fatal heart attack / heart failure miracle surviving still ~ at heavens door ~ and your own obvious brush ~ knocking at heavens door too ~ certainly does make you tick a little different ~ to be able to plunge depths maybe have to have been ~ to truly know and to come close to walking in anothers shoes ~ and yet we can never know why survive when odds against ~ or at least I wondered when everything pointed to not being ~ but we are and I am so glad Leslie you I survived ~ wonderfully crafted piece ~ gifted and shared ~ spoken with honesty and candour ~ heartfelt in the telling and in the read ~ Superb ~ Speaking of shoes 🙂 magicked a little pair of sparkly reds ~ ((hugs you )) Lib @libithina


  12. Eyes are really a gateway to the soul..aren’t they? Stories hidden in them… stories that lips may never tell.. that expressions may never reveal.. (sigh)

    This was a sad but lovely poem, Moonzie… I wonder what the girl in your poem had to say… maybe she said it all thru’ her eyes… I hope someone read it… I really hope…

    A fabulous One shot, dearie…


  13. I think sometimes the most difficult of things in our lives, that have occurred directly impacting the person we are, can also be the hardest to write down, yet also the most beneficial. Sometimes it takes years and still lingers despite time passing. Getting through and beyond is so important. I can’t quite fathom your pain and what happened in your life but I can however feel and sense the beauty of your heart and strength in this Leslie. ~Windows to your soul, evident you are not “hollow” because through those eyes and these words it almost depicts others’ pain surrounding and a need to comfort, wish to take it away…despite your own within it…. ~ my view I guess…. incredibly written Leslie!


  14. Sometimes it really surprises me that people cannot read the stories behind the eyes. My own jagged path left raw edges. I was sometimes floored that people could not see those edges when they were so obviously apparent to me. Our pain can scream to us, but your words delicately give just the right voice here. There is reason behind everything dear Moonie.


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