no place to run … #flashfiction

Stranded – no place to run

These infernal crop dusters won’t leave me in peace.

How am to do my job if they won’t leave me alone??

Where is a pest to roam?

This flash fiction is the “answer” to my Friday Flash Fiction. If you get a chance, read the full sequence. Thanks to Monkey Man who each week gives us the opportunity to hang out at his place and write fiction in 160 characters – it can be done!


23 thoughts on “no place to run … #flashfiction

  1. Good morning, Moondustwriter,
    No, I didn’t see the movie yet — but I will! Despite that, without seeing the movie, I love how the 55 and today’s 160 work together.
    PS. Thanks for the comment on mine. Power has been restored. Woohoo!


    1. 228 30 = 198HHmmmmmm .how can they not like it ???They are so beautiful.and a very BIG THANK YOU Mr. BZCAMPOR.Do you know of any group who are trinyg to make nightwatches, like trinyg to see one during formation, I would like to volunteer for a week..:-)Thank You SirNathan


    1. Well done mate !!I`m heading over there for a month this year for the sseaon Dissapointing in England so far this yea,r a few good genuine ones, most have obvious geometry flaws, if the they were not posted anywhere, maybe they would loose interest in creating them as one aspect, on the other, maybe they are just trying to get a communication back from them


    1. I’ve yet to see any that really stand out as being gneiune this year. We’ve also got these annoying teams coming over from germany claiming to make a lot of these glyphs this last couple of years.


  2. lolss 😀

    Actually not- poor pests! Think of them.. 😦
    I loved this – hilarious- I found! So very witty. Perfect Sunday Fun- hehe

    Love xxx


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