Where Stars are Born #oneshotwednesday

I looked up at a star one day

and looked it in the eye

where did you come from

I had to say

before you radiated beauty in the sky?


She laughed a bit and blushed some too

with a grin she took my hand

She said

I’ll show you around a bit

show you how I was planned


We sailed across the cosmic waves

sorrow  left behind

saw untold beauty

as we journeyed

far and wide


We danced and sang

with stars we played

followed comets

in their trail

turned planets on their spindles

and drank the milky way


She said let me show you why you’ve come

her point was clear and strong

for as I gazed

I was amazed

it was you and I all along


At that moment when our eyes first touched

and sparks flew in the night

they gathered

into one strong burst

before they took to flight


she laughed and said “it was great love

that put me in the sky”

she hugged me much

a giggle too

and then she said “goodbye”

This is my poem for One Shot Wednesday. Please join us for a brilliant selection of poetry written by some very talented folks that One Stop Poetry has the privilege of reading and sharing.

Dear reader you must forgive me. I am in withdrawals. I havent written a story for children in too long so here is my romantic spirit and my writing for children merging.

Also … Check out Dancing in Shadow a One Stop duet I had the honor of writing with Sean Vessey.

Thanks to Dagoaty for the delightful pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dagoaty/3178288772


45 thoughts on “Where Stars are Born #oneshotwednesday

  1. Awww really liked this, felt like I was on an adventure with you out in the galaxy too. There’s something about stars and fantasy that always enchants me, perhaps that they take you away from reality for a moment 🙂


  2. I like the function of this piece Leslie. I may have (remember “I”) spent a little more time on organization and form. You establish a perfect rhythm in the first verse. I would have tried to keep it going in that same first line, final line rhyme through out. It’s a pretty anal thing to do but it involves counting syllables and matching the count to establish the beat.

    That said I liked this, I could see where a kid who is not a big fan of poetry could see the action here and be a bit enthralled with it.


    1. I do agree and with a re-write will work on that – especially if I do a series of poetry for children. But you know my 5 minute rule *ha*
      I was putting my other 5 minutes X … in a fueled article on cyber harassment http://bit.ly/hKunz3


  3. Beautiful! Touching! Fun! Delightful! And So Moon-y Lovely. 🙂

    I especially like drinking the Milky Way, and the dancing and singing part — great endless cosmic party.



    1. aww thanks – actually considering taken my poetry for children and getting it published – would be fun – ohhh another project


  4. she laughed and said “it was great love
    that put me in the sky”
    she hugged me much
    a giggle too
    and then she said “goodbye”

    i liked this…until i got to the last stanza…then i loved it! i am reminded of the song that says, ‘love makes the world go round…’ and as i see the stars scattered in the heavens i realize this is just what you have said. refreshing and fun.


  5. A cosmic delight, Leslie. I agree with Sean; this really reminded me of The Little Prince. I can easily imagine this with illustrations delighting young readers.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your hacking attack. Every time I think the ugliness has been beaten down, it rears its head again. Gah.


  6. Aww… that was the sweetest ride EVER, Leslie!! Goshhh.. with this poem you made me fall in love with stars all over again!!!
    You know what?! My mom tells me that when I was born, the doctor had told her I was looking up at the stars… Now I have NO CLUE why he must’ve said that… but I like to believe that it was because I just LOVE watching the sky, moon and those lovely little diamonds… That sight makes me forget any and every sadness I have known… it’s pure magic!!

    And today, your poem made me experience JUST THAT!! MAGIC!
    Thanks for this sweet poem, my dear….
    LOADSA hugs for this one…:)


  7. I really love this. I like the way you take me with you into the heavens with that little star… the joy that flows through your words is contagious…


  8. Leslie, this sweetly beautiful and I love the flow of it, and it actually has a musical feel to it reading. I actually read over again smiling at the rhythm. Love it!!!! 🙂 HUGS & LOVE to You!!! ~April

    P.S. Sorry to hear of your comp being hacked too! Really stinks that there are people out there spoiling things for everyone. I am starting to get a bit worried with my own (hoping it’s just the RAM causing a slow go ~ wish you much luck getting it all straightened out!


  9. i was grinning ear to ear reading this…sweet, beautiful, lovely…(Philippians 4:8)

    and i thought of the ‘the Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ that i have always loved…you remember Ramathadan (sp?) and his daughter?

    thank you for this gift!


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