Senseless #poetry

I have seen far too much
To want to be alive
You ask me to breathe the air
There is none to breathe
See again the horrors
My life has seen them all
No – My heart was broken once
My skin peeled back
Leave Me!
My world without feeling
Is better when you are gone

Thanks to Fee Easton for the sharing your photography with us at One Shoot Sunday today. The above photograph is just one sample shared with One Stop Poetry


16 thoughts on “Senseless #poetry

  1. I would never call this senseless. It is most sentient. Person seems to have recently cut the bonds of a very hurtful relationship and is going thru 1st level of healing whee wounds are very raw. Nothing to cure this individual but saline dressing to the soul. Bitter, but can’t see it as permanent state unless the afflicted is hopelessly imbalanced. The poetry is to the point and holds up a stay away sign for all, at least for the moment.


  2. Emphatic ending to a poem invoking sympathy for the subject by relating questioned action, perception, and feeling to the negatives she is determined to both challenge and accept. Well done challenge response, Moonie


  3. Ouch! Feelings and string emotions leapt out of the screen at me as I was reading this, Moon… Very powerfully written!
    Like Timekeen says, the poem makes us feel grateful for what we have (what many probably don’t 😦 )


  4. wow! is the first word to come to mind. Intense and to the point. skin peeled back – my world without feeling – great lines – this is my fav take on the photo prompt. thanks, moon 🙂


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