That Single Second #Shadorma

You know that

the zero is in

it’s on you

where time ticks

it’s already tomorrow

that single second

This is part of an exercise in Shadorma. Join us at One Stop Poetry Form as we try our hand at form each week.


17 thoughts on “That Single Second #Shadorma

  1. fascinating thing time;according toquantum physics, if you were riding on the back of a photon, there would be no time, no time would pass, and so there would be no distance either, no time, no distance, all that ever was, is and will be, all wrapped up in the here and now!


  2. I actually considered moving to the International Date Line once, to be always first in the world, but soon found out it’s a rather watery place to live.

    So have to be content with being “ahead” in my mind. But that’s okay — my mind’s a great place to hang out.



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