Sing It From the Rooftops #FlashFiction

She knew the music by heart

motioning to the man on the sound board

“can we do one run through first?

I want this recording perfect.”

He tweeked the settings  pulling out her rich contralto tones.

“I’m ready,” she signaled head phones in place

She sang her heart out for her friend

“Happy Birthday Chris”

This 55 Flash Fiction is dedicated to a talented writer and photographer who I have the honor of working with At One Stop Poetry – Happy Birthday  Chris Galford.

Thanks to G-Man for the weekly opportunity to write Flash Fiction in a mere 55 words.


6 thoughts on “Sing It From the Rooftops #FlashFiction

  1. “Happy Birthday Chris Galford!”

    There, Leslie–I did it in four words–grinning! Actually, you wrote a very neat scenario for this birthday greeting. Liked it!


  2. Hi MDW…
    So far only WordPress bloggers can post
    I may just have to postpone for a week.
    Very Frustrating
    Happy Birthday to Chris
    I’ll return if Blogger comes back soon


  3. smiles. i hope he had a happy birthday! sent him wishes at his place yesterday! nice 55…and i think blogger is back up and running…yay!


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