Darkness All Along #oneshotwednesday

Look at me a tragic flaw

assembled by nature

as a blemish

an embarrassment

surely not meant to embrace

rather shun


you don’t know me

you say you do

but you don’t

not really

who does?

no one!


Take a closer look

look into nothing

For that is what I am

my heart an abysmal void

a web darkly spun


I live life alone

on my own terms

sample what you like

there is nothing worth having

 better escape, quickly, run!


This is my curse

a world of loveless, nothingness

drawn into dark

away from the light of hope

don’t bother there is no sun


But then

it is what they wanted

chosen and delivered to me

an anomaly

a freak

being no one



Here’s to another week of One Shot Wednesdays.

I was looking back over my notes and emails in May and June when we were throwing ideas around about One Shot Poetry.  Its been a great year for One Stop Poetry – thanks for your support.

Thanks to Creative Commons and Sarah for the photograph : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dm-set/4144947061/


75 thoughts on “Darkness All Along #oneshotwednesday

  1. Whoaaa… a daaaark one, Moonie! But so well composed.. It was like being let in on some deep secret… a scary invitation maybe…
    Really well written! Me loves dark poetry!


  2. great shot at dark poetry moon! this gets 2 thumbs up from me! a creepy look into a “freak” of society… well done. and another thing I like is that some people can relate to it as well… nice


  3. Such a dark place to be, to feel one is nothing. I really like the way this is expressed, nicely done Leslie.



  4. It’s heartbreaking that there are those who really do feel this way. If only they knew that we are all tragically flawed in one way or another and that the heart is meant to be full.


  5. I think you captured what a lot of children “learn” from parents, teachers, schoolmates, and the world around them. Home should wrap every child in love but the sadness of our history is that it hasn’t but has sent them too early to work, to fight, to survive thinking themselves freaks and unfits. Good capture here, Leslie.


  6. Ouch! this is really dark. Not a nightmare, but the reality of so many of us. It speaks well to that absymal void.

    And pretty damn universal to think of it. Excellent voice.

    Lady Nyo


  7. all at once i’m comforted and unsettled that these words resound so clearly with me. this is not how i feel on all days, but your work represents a darkness i know all too well.

    really well done.


    1. Think I have hit several who have all been there – too bad we didnt know each other – maybe…


  8. Yes…this is dark…and somewhat sad.

    Re-reading this reminds me of The Elephant Man and the isolation he felt.

    Nicely done, Leslie.


  9. ‘an anomaly
    a freak
    being no one’

    So very dark and sad. To have such little hope and such low self-esteem and poor self-image. I cannot imagine what brings someone to this place, and yet I have seen people that view themselves this way. A very thought-provoking piece.


  10. Dark indeed but not sinister, instead, in your deft hand, you made it malleable with feelings! Great work, Leslie!


  11. There is an air of resignation to the darkness in your poem, as though fighting the loneliness and despair is futile and the sense of acceptance is complete. I like that it isn’t sorrowful or self-pitying. I enjoyed it.



  12. You meet the standards of dark indeed here. You crafted your words with such a sharp line in tone, they were biting to go through. Great write ~ Rose


  13. Years ago, I wrote a poem called absolute aloneness. i know this feeling that you have described so well here, a feeling that is universal, but also frightening. great job with this.


  14. now this was really written on the dark side of the moon and i certainly wished there was more light in the world because far too many people feel like this


  15. You know I always think there’s beauty in everything. Even ugly has its own kind of beautiful. Your prose is sad and dark but, conveys that thought very well.
    Everyone thought the Elephant man was so ugly and hideous. I thought him scared and so afraid of everyone because they would all hurt him if they had the chance.
    I read a page the other day that some young teens had killed a creature that came crawling out of a cave towards them, and because it was hidious to look at and it scared them, they beat it to death. The powers that be ‘think’ it was a sloth that had lost all of its hair. The photos of it did look awful, it looked half human, half beast, weird to say the least but, it didn’t deserve to die just because they didn’t like its looks or they were scared of it. Why do we humans feel such a need to destroy that which we don’t understand?
    Hmmm…see what your prose sparked off in me..LOL shows it was well written and, thought provoking just as all good words are meant to be!


  16. Sadly, I can totally relate to this, although I don’t feel like I live alone on my own terms, but on someone else’s for the most part. It really spoke to me, and in some ways, was comforting. When you feel alone, you think you’re the only one who feels that way. Clearly it is not the case. Thanks, or I guess, sorry.


  17. Very nice. I always seem to relate well to poems that deal with a dark or shaded nature, not a testament or anything, just saying. Again very nice. The art was a proper touch. Gripping.


  18. You’ve done a really nice job of conveying that hopelessness, helplessness of the abyss that anyone can fall into to become “no one”. Excellent “dark” one shot ~


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