The Bottom of the Lake #poetry

Yes there was green

life began at some point

a seed

The seasons went too quickly

that’s all

what was alive

became brown

I remember breathing


children in my arms

the breeze

alas there is

holding no more

laughing forbidden

now that I am at the bottom

of the lake


Thank you Rob Hanson for the beguiling photo. I couldn’t resist. Please enjoy the photography feature of Rob at One Stop Poetry


24 thoughts on “The Bottom of the Lake #poetry

  1. Yep Leslie…it’s a different world down there. And yet…the same one?

    And, if I’m in Antarctica (heaven forbid!) is ‘down’ really ‘up’?

    SHUT UP, Steve!


  2. Sad and wistful longing of the trees, and the heart, and a perfect capture of that eerie nothingness that floats it all in the photo, which made me think of dead spiders in milk. Good, clean, vivid piece, mdw.


  3. so moved by this Leslie ~ breeze swept all away ~ effortless on the levels this works ~ and really ties with Robs image ~ sounds of silence ~ hugs you Lib xx
    (not connected but reminds swimming underwater and that quiet)


  4. moonie, there is a whole lifetime’s story implied in your piece. i like it a lot. in fact, this was the photo i liked the best, of all of them this week. i wrote for it on my coal black blog.


  5. Tsk, tsk, Moonie…bein’ one of those rascally rebels that goes for the non-prompt image…ah, but in such delightful fashion! Moving piece of art right here…


      1. “Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my bluhglecruncreon, see if I don’t!”Short time reader / 1st time commenter *I think. No I posted on a music related entry and wrote something about brain bleach. Carry on.


  6. A deceptively quiet piece with a strong inevitable undertow! I love how you match the desolation with the laughter of children–a truly powerful juxtaposition of image and feeling. Thank you for sharing it, Leslie!


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