Desperate Run #oneshotwednesday #poetry

It was  all a bit too haunting

clouds off the Black Sea coast

an evening to remember

each thing carefully selected by our host

lulled by Russian stories

from a war long ago

enjoying new friendships

so much we wanted to know

The storm came in a fury

we dined in an elegant tent

winds were upon us

the canvas torn and rent

Our host had seen such terror

in the youth of his life

as he looked upon his dearest

I saw him fear for her life

This tent could not protect us

but where were  we to go

unto an open field

heeled legs burdensome and slow

No light to guide

except from pitch black sky

running in no direction

lightening tendrils did magnify

It Came down right before me

blasting the energy box

sparks lept before us

we thought that she was lost

Don’t ask me  all that  happened

that frightening stormy night

I fail to remember

all the horrors in our flight

A storm in a country

we didn’t call our own

we couldn’t speak the language

it certainly wasn’t home

but this I will remember

of that storm of that time

he saved us each from danger

this brave new friend of mine

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34 thoughts on “Desperate Run #oneshotwednesday #poetry

    1. G- this was a war with the elements. The start of a hard but wonderful summer where I led and taught Ukrainian English camps


  1. War with nature can be quite vast
    As things can change pretty fast
    For the elements have no rhyme or reason
    Or any thought of treason
    Nice way to end it too
    Glad the war was won by you


  2. Vivid tale, mdw. I enjoyed it, and this time will spare you the long lecture on free verse. ;_) Thanks for sharing your experiences in a distant land, where all is strange but human goodness remains the same.


  3. So scary and so well done, Leslie. I very nearly didn’t survive a lightning storm a few years ago – it was utterly terrifying so this poem resonsated strongly.


  4. So well done and so utterly scary, Leslie! I very nearly didn’t survive a severe lightning storm five years ago…now lightning totally freaks me out.


  5. A great tale to share, it was intense from beginning to end. Enjoyed the composition and flow of this piece, it is delicate for the intensity of the story. ~ Rose


  6. Great metaphor here, Leslie, for all the storms of life. Whether in comfort or in strange circumstances it’s important to hold tight and forge on. Thank you, Gay


  7. A lovely poetic way of describing something so potentialy deadly.
    My 15 yr old keeps saying she wants a big thunder & lightening storm! I keep telling her be careful what you wish for, we could be without power for days, without a roof, or some such, don’t wish it on us for goodnes sake.
    You told a lovely tale of a storm and of new friendship that blossomed from it too.
    Lovely. Thank you for commenting on mine.


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