Not on the Note Pad #Flashfiction

You look  into my eyes so much trust,  more hope.

Peering over my glasses into blue tear filled eyes.

What can I do to erase the tears ~

where sorrow lays?

I look at my note pad – it’s empty!

no answers

only questions

Suddenly I feel tears

Your tears are now mine

you are set free

It’s another week of Friday 55 Flash Fiction hosted by the coast to coast host – G-Man. Join us as we write fiction in 55 words.

Thanks for the photograph: Quinn Dombrowski


17 thoughts on “Not on the Note Pad #Flashfiction

    1. Hey I just got a popup from my firewall when I oepend your site. Do you realize why this occured? Could it perhaps from the ads or some thing? It really unusual and I hope it was harmless? Come on, it’s my new PC


  1. “a problem shared is a problem cut in half” came to my mind after a moment or two of reflection upon your piece here… i believe our purpose here to to be of service to others, at least that’s mine. I’m gessing we’re kindred spirits that way. beautiful piece 🙂


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