There’s no place like … #flashfiction #oz

The heel clicking worked perfectly to get me home (via cab)

I didn’t plan on guests however.

What does a girl with red shoes do with a…

sobbing lion

squeaky man of tin

messy straw man?

When all else fails throw the red shoes off , replace with: black shoes, black hat and a maniacle cackle.


Photography courtesy of Moondustwriter ~”Red Shoes” copyright 2011

Thanks to G-Man for the weekly fun and challenge of writing a tight write in 55. Go see for yourself and join the challenge.


15 thoughts on “There’s no place like … #flashfiction #oz

  1. I’ll get you My Pretty.
    And Your Little Dog Too!!!
    Most excellent 55 MDW.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End



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