Hollow Reality #flash fiction

The room was filled with smiling faces
Each appeared so sincere
Every eye filled with laughter
“Why do I feel out-of-place?” she wondered
It seemed every where she went she never belonged
Then by chance she happened to see a placard on her way out
“leave your masks at the door when you leave!”

Thanks to G-Man @ http://g-man-mrknowitall.blogspot.com ( sorry my hyperlink isnt working)who always throws a great party over at his place. Bring your words  no more than 55 tho. Masks are optional

Thank You to Carlos Castillo for the fantastic photo!!! Please enjoy other work by him. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chato/30622339/


18 thoughts on “Hollow Reality #flash fiction

  1. Ha…Leave your masks at the door. Good advice that we should all take. My mask was getting stinky and ill fitting anyway. I like the freedom I have now that I removed it and tucked it away.


  2. Look at you MDW…
    All cooly written and twisty at the end.
    Most Excellent piece of mico-fiction.
    Loved YOUR 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, congrats on the Numero UNO!
    And have a Kick Ass Week-End


  3. Very good, Leslie! Long time since being here, it still feels like home, though–grin! I like this. Good words for those signs outside (Protestant, of course–grin!!!!) churches. Also other churches, BTW!
    “Come one, Come all.


  4. Truth be told it’s been a little bit since I swung through old friend, but I’m loving the new style to the blog. Dark yet sleek theme to the background.

    Lovely 55 to a great photo! It seems that all of life is a masquerade at times…


  5. Dear Poets Rally Participants:

    This is to confirm that you have won the perfect poet award, an official award that is given to poets who are either current participants or previous ones, and who have done outstanding job on poetry writing, sharing, promotion or commenting.

    After you take the award, please place your acceptance link along with your nomination for week 57 under the post below in the comment section.


    Happy Monday.

    Happy Thanksgiving!




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