Watching Time #poetry

They wont move while you watch

my mind wills the hands around your face

tick tick I can’t wait

open the glass face and let me in

move now move quick

my life is in your perfect sphere

midnight… one… two… three…

dawn rises beautifully clear

as you pull me close to thee



6 thoughts on “Watching Time #poetry

  1. “my mind wills the hands around your face” – perfection, Leslie. So many times I’ve tried to control time.

    Loved this poem of time and its inescapable rigidity.

    (Promise you won’t leave without staying in touch!)


  2. Oh, that gravitational ‘pull’: ‘As I’m pulled closer to thee…forever!’

    “TIME” is one of my favorite topics on which to bloviate–as if I really knew of what I’d be writing–grin!

    Nice to visit you, Leslie, and to note again that your blog is in capable, talented hands…YOU!



  3. I like your poem. I’ve written many poems and short stories with ‘Time’ as a central theme. After all – “The ticking of a clock is the sound of a hammer striking a coffin nail”

    Feel free to have a look at my writing site. I’d love some feedback.

    Merry Christmas.


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