Christmas in My Heart #poetry #freeverse

Seeking for your memories

oh so hard to find

what corner do I look in?

what treasures in my mind?

I’ve lost so many memories

from a far and distant time

beautiful and simple world

many things left  behind

Running for a street car

bustle to and fro

“you are so like her

we just thought you should know”

Cheerful with a helping hand

this woman in my heart

you left me ohh too soon

for I’d barely had my start

Thinking back of Christmases

you’re in each and every one

bright colors and heavenly smells

I miss those years our fun

Grandma dear I’ll ner forget

the gifts you gave this child

I cradle them in my heart

I’ll always wear your smile


3 thoughts on “Christmas in My Heart #poetry #freeverse

  1. My Dear Leslie!
    You are posting endless stream of images, and words strung so well together during these days of love, joy, and peace, those ageless messages. Your writing is esp. inspiring this week.

    You leave nary a bit of space for sadness, regret, despair, or ill will. Everything you write is beautiful…as in “Everything is beautiful!”…….


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