Dawn in your eyes #poetry

Perfect azure warms my face

I crest the hill wanting to see dawn

Accents of wispy black silhouettes

Remind me of your eyes

sleepy as of yet

bringing my thoughts home to you

Poetry and photography copyright 2012 L. Moon


9 thoughts on “Dawn in your eyes #poetry

  1. Wow! That was lovely. I’ve read it five times already, and actually agree with the previous commentor on the image that it illicits. It’s funny that I get blog posts in my e-mail with writers providing long snippets of their work thatI I really don’t have time to read. On the other hand, I read your poems because they’re short; however, I end up spending so much more time thinking about them than I ever would have done with those snippets.
    I guess that means you’re doing something right, huh?



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