Sensual & Spring’s Ablution #spring #poetry #art #photography

The softness of ivory petal  lies

beckoning the wondering eye


stay awhile


a whisper in his ear tonight

promises that she might


his attention


The sweet taste -just one sip

the meeting of quivering lips


spring’s nectar

Photo: “Calla Lily” by L. Moon copyright 2010

A re-write of the poem “Sensual” originally submitted to Jingle for her thursday-poets-rally in April of 2010

Spring’s Ablution

Soft smooth ivory contours

distracted by the heat rising

my eyes feast

first ablution welcomes spring

my fingertips long to pet each crease

my hands ache to wash curved back

Let us bathe in love’s fragrance

The sculpture ” Woman Bathing” by Peter Schipperheyn excites my artistic senses. As I pulled my Calla Lily photo from my archives, I sensed both women longing to bloom for spring.


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