Girl Ghost #NWCU #photography

Captive in the frame

Welcome to Wednesday Wake Up Call. I’m hosting today. Hope you enjoy the prompt.

I can’t tell you how long ago it was.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday – the first time I saw her face.

There was something so familiar, though I could not quite define it.

She looks so alone that girl frozen in the mirror.

What was it she saw that caused such terror?

Her eyes are like magnets I can’t look away.

Please tell me your story. I implored on this day.

An icy hand grasped mine and took me to a place behind the staircase.

Things too horrible to be told were there. A place that was beyond cold.

A smile of knowing was glazed on a horrible eyed half face. “you are us now” he grinned.

Now there is a new face in the mirror. I have taken her place.

Please set me free!!!!!

Photograph “Ghostly Image” L. Moon copyright 2011

I took a picture of this painting at a B&B. The mansion had a long history. I wondered if there was a girl captured in a frame.  I think the reflection of the staircase makes the picture more complicated. Would love to know what this inspires in others…


20 thoughts on “Girl Ghost #NWCU #photography

  1. eep…scary stuff….what is that short story about the girl that gets caught in the painting…ugh my brain is not working his morning..ha….scary stuff moon…and cool to see you hosting at NWCU


    1. coffee Brian
      I guess the best way to describe it is a haunted picture where people get pulled in – dont look to close


  2. Aah, Leslie, your talent always astounds me…but now you’ve finally gone to the darker side of things, something I’ve always (secretly) hoped for lol

    As far as your poem & picture goes….to me, this little girl is not doing the haunting, but is haunted herself. There is a story within this for me to root out….


  3. very cool reflection. Love how you focused on the familiar and let your mind go with it. Really a very cool piece inspired by a pretty neat, if not eerie, photograph, very cool. Thanks for hosting WWU Call this week.


  4. Oh, such a haunting interpretation of this wonderful image. On another day, I think my interpretation would have been more sombre than it was. I love picture prompts for poetry. Thank you for this one, Leslie.


  5. Leslie…your words so perfectly pick up on that “other~worldly” vibe that just resonates from the amazing image…a place beyond cold…yes, these goosebumps will linger! LOVE this!


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