This One’s For You #trafficking #streetkids

How can you look on
while their world is in a state?
boys and girls
dig at the walls of humanity
boring a hole
hoping that someone will help
instead they run for their lives
hopeless outcasts
likely prey of you-lascivious boars
take the girls
give them bread
drugs and a dirty rug to call home
leave the boys to be living scum
on our streets
killing their minds
lest the pain should overtake them
that the lack of love
would consume them
but don’t you worry
as you rest in your ease
most the boys will die
entertainment -you seem pleased

It’s disgusting to see children living on the streets treated worse than dogs. For those trying to help – it’s a crime! What primitives we are though we expound on our intelligence and scientific discoveries. Yet we cannot find a way to protect the preyed upon in our society. My heart has broken to meet young men whose minds are gone (due to over consumption of OTC drugs)- no medical treatment can help these poor souls. Their sisters and girl friends dragged off into oblivion…


11 thoughts on “This One’s For You #trafficking #streetkids

  1. It is amazing to me that so many people can be concerned about a meaningless television debate and ignore the crisis right in front of them on the street…a heartfelt poem my friend.


    1. I didn’t hear the debate but I have been angered by people benefitting off the coat tails of an issue they just hear about. It is heartbreaking to see and society does not welcome assistance


    2. Aryn – I stumbled onto your blog / weitbse well, not sure how. I was a freshman in Helaman Halls with Dan WAY back in the day, so that’s fun for all.I’d love to know what camera and lens you use. ISO settings? Lighting? You take beautiful photos any advice would be much appreciated!August 13, 2007 9:10 PM


  2. This is a stone cold truth that no one seems to ever consider. People try to find solutions to so many problems and mental issues, yet they tend to forget that the real problem is the overal ignorance of society. If everyone just cared a bit more about another and more easy offer a helping hand, if only once, the world would be a happier place and the existence of mental issues, drug abuse, exploitation of children and women, etc. wouldn’t be such a big issue as it is nowadays.

    Great post. Thank you for sharing.


    1. yes you are one of the few who “got it.”
      No media hype nor number of best sellers talking about the problem will lessen it.
      We need to with a caring heart go into the dark places and pull others out!!!


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