The Face of Passion #poetry #photography

The Road Ahead

Passion led

 man’s life to spill

His love

on Calvary’s hill

Passion fueled

an angry mob

insults and rocks

cruelly lobbed

Passion moved

the earth to shake

 sky grew dark

bonds would break

Passion cried

 in a tomb he lay

night filled hearts

but we await the day

This poem is in response to the prompt at Verse First/Poet’s United. The prompt is “Passion.” I don’t often write directly on my blog of my faith, but it is what holds me up on good days and on the very worst.

poets united

Photography “The Road Ahead” copyright L. Moon 2012


21 thoughts on “The Face of Passion #poetry #photography

  1. I AM so glad you shared this. Just excellent. You addressed so many different kinds of ‘passion’ all having to do with this Passion Week. Indeed we await the day……


  2. Passion led – man’s life to spill –His love – on Calvary’s hill – Beautiful poem and expressed so well. Love that image of the Passion in the Father’s heart compelling the Son forward. The cross is the greatest moment in History, the apex of everything. Brilliantly written.


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