The Message Behind the Dress #flashfiction #newcago

window-dressing-janet-webb (2)It had been a glorious, humm dinger  of a  day in NewCago.

We celebrated  a holiday (the key players long forgotten) of a well-known street battle that had raged years ago.

The gangs remembered  and agreed to keep the streets safe for one day.

The parade-route litter of popcorn bags and soda cups was a welcome relief.

On my walk home I saw it swinging in the lazy breeze of the tenement’s rusty fire escape.

Lily’s  white glad rags were dripping with  blood-red.

It was a signal; it had to be. But who was the message from?

” Lily what does this mean, Baby?”

Another week of Friday Fictioneers is in full swingggg. Our hostess is the inspirational Rochelle and our photo prompt credit goes to  Janet Webb.

This is another 100 word offering being added to a  growing series of stories set in the dark metropolitan city of NewCago. There are many loose strings, unanswered questions about this metropolitan society that is sinking into the mire. Sam seems to be the only one to keep the bad doings at bay but how much longer???

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27 thoughts on “The Message Behind the Dress #flashfiction #newcago

  1. I couldn’t believe your opening line! A glorious day in NewCago? Really? I knew there had to be a catch somewhere, but what does it mean? Hopefully it’s something will incited some good-guy-on-bad-guys payback. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a glorious day, too.



    1. I have always been you faoirvte volleyball fan. And now your faoirvte photo fan. Put the two together and WOW! You know how to put them together. Of course, you had some awesomely beautiful girls and ladies .to work with.


    1. I’m so pleased you enejyod the post. And if you do read some of my recommendations be sure and give those folks well deserved recognition. It’s high time Pulp Fiction came back into the mainstream! Cheers to you.


    1. I couldn’t agree more lmtniiig circulation of ebooks is a bad idea. What library will bother buying them? However, if it’s just HarperCollins how much of an effect will it have? I suppose I can’t blame the publishers, because if I were in their place I would be in panic mode too. But panicking in the face of the internet is probably about as sensible as panicking in the face of a wave when you’re surfing.


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