Lost in the Mist #poetry #photoprompt


A dark mist swirls about her feet

her fervent calls return to her

that which she has lost she must find

a dark mist swirls about her feet

forward she trods to the unknown

without that which she loves she is lost

A dark mist swirls about her feet

something white breaks through

now in hope they can find home

The picture prompt from Picture it and Write was too enticing to turn up.



11 thoughts on “Lost in the Mist #poetry #photoprompt

  1. I like the idea of the mist swirling beneath her feet. A great image! I thought that maybe ‘they’ were not her, but maybe some other trapped soul in this mystical realm looking for a way to escape. Regardless, great story! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


    1. I agree with Lesley I wish we could get this magazine here, I never buy craft mizaganes in the UK as they are not as good as the American ones. They did used to print CARDS here but that went bust. Your leaf project is amazing, I love all the distressing the leaves look amazing! Congratulations on being in print again.HugsSally.


  2. She does seem to be searching for something. The end suggests something sinister perhaps? I’m not sure. I like the cadence of this poem. It lends itself to the woman’s seeking.


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