The Collection #flashfiction #shortstory


The curio shelf stirred my imagination.

My fingers turned the tiny pedal of the bicycle.

I was racing down a hill with no brakes.

“Phew” I gingerly placed the miniature velocipede in its cubby.

I pulled the conch to my ear.

Waves crested over my head pulling me to the ocean’s floor.

The shell dripped as I replaced it.

Hand turned brass chess pieces gleamed.

I was in Palermo, a gun in my face.

The dropped pieces rolled away.

An ancient spearhead looked so enticing.

“Nope”, I was not about to grapple with a poison tip and angry tribesmen.

This week Rochelle entices the fictioneers with a prompt with endless possibilities this week.  There is one catch, it has to be written in 100 words. and if you get a chance stop over and wish Rochelle a Happy Birthday!!!


30 thoughts on “The Collection #flashfiction #shortstory

  1. Dear Leslie,

    “Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind…” Vivid imagination your MC has, as does the writer. 😉

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. (It pays to advertise.)




  2. Loved this! I can feel the rush of curiosity and then the powerful memory attached to it. Was the memory in the storyteller or in the piece? Either way, a powerful way to use the prompt.


  3. I am a tad behind on return visits… Thank you for yours.

    Your piece reminds me of what could possibly be and episode for ‘The Twilight Zone’ – Each piece picked up transforming you to perhaps an actual memory. Nicely done. I like this very much.


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