The Bloodied Thorn #flashfiction #shakespeare #amwriting


I stand on the stage where I had given my life’s blood

I love the stage

the  drama that swirls center stage, in the wings and in the musty corners

my final role was Desdemona

That last night was my finest performance

“That death’s unnatural that kills for loving…”

If memory serves me well, Othello had been out of character that closing night

No ministrations could  calm

When they removed Desdemona’s body, they were unable to revive me

“She severed her own bloom,” he calmly stated

Tonight “my love” I meet you upon life’s stage

I pass on  bloodied thorn …

The photo prompt is shared by Sandra Crook (L’Amphitheatre des Trois Gauls, Lyon, France.) and opens the curtains for another week of Friday Fictioneers directed by Rochelle Wisoff Fields

Just for point of reference in the drama: “When they removed Desdemona’s body they were unable to revive me”  “me” refers to the actress playing the part of Desdemona. Thus Desdemona and the actress died tragically that night at the hand of Othello.


34 thoughts on “The Bloodied Thorn #flashfiction #shakespeare #amwriting

    1. Well a tragic hero is a poresn who is very gifted, and is good at many things, but is ultimately defeated, or has a downfall due to one major flaw, usually too much pride. If Othello is very gifted at multiple things, and suffers a downfall due to one bad trait/flaw, and if that flaw is pride, then he is a tragic hero to a great extent. If he only fulfills 2 or 1 of these things, he is only partially a tragic hero.


      1. I am not sure where Othello qualifies in the ‘hero’ part of your tribute. He is rather doomed from the start by the supposed demon he attributes to Desdemonia and fate of Iago. All heroes are flawed. It is how and when that flaw plays out that makes the narrative.


  1. Othello was actually my first Shakespearean experience, and I’ve loved it ever since. Your words were a lovely homage.


    1. I’m reminded of a book tour apaenrpace of Mark Caro, author of “The Foie Gras Wars,” that I went to. These days, of course, anyone who wants to be a Serious And Insightful Writer has to do the even-handed, Pollanesque “on the one hand, I wouldn’t want to be a duck being force fed, but on the other hand, I just ate some foie gras and it’s delicious and vegans are sanctimonious jerks” thing.


  2. Dear Leslie,

    I had the same question as talesfromthemotherland. I wondered if you meant “when they removed MY body.” For me it may be a lack of Shakespeare knowledge. 😉 Well done, graphically dramatic. From one Drama Queen to another…




    1. hmm think it’s more theater. On stage you would always refer to the character the actress is playing. The actress backstage wants you to know that she is dead as well as her character


      1. Somebody’s gotta set these guys straight, shseeh. Thanks for publishing this stuff!!! Is there any way that Lise can send the perpetrator a link to this gold medal? For educational purposes, a cold bucket of water, etc. Please, Lise!It is just plain rude that married or otherwise attached men use our online profiles to exercise their ego and craving. What I do on OKC is just immediately block em. I understand that supposedly open relationships (which to me seem to foster an inability to focus) are a pseudo-community out there, but it just grosses me out, when you consider how many germs live in people’s mouths Okay, I’ll stop :0


  3. Dear Leslie,

    This was an ambitious and well executed (no pun….) story. You held us rapt with the intertwined stories and served up drama and homage all in one hundred well written words.




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