The Embrace #haiku #photography

Embrassez moi

sous la pluie

ne jamais cesser


never stop

holding me with your heart

catch love’s tears


catch love’s tears

save them in a bottle

for a sunny day

Le_Baiser_de_lHotel_de_Ville ~ Robert Doisneau

The prompt for today’s Carpe Diem is “Embrace.” There are many forms of that gesture I was in a romantic mood so my haiku cascade starts with a French Kiss!!!

Photography: “Rainy Tears” © L. Moon 2013

The famous embrace ” Le_Baiser_de_lHotel_de_Ville” by celebrated French photographer Robert Dosineau


20 thoughts on “The Embrace #haiku #photography

    1. Perhaps it’s the nature of the photo fomurs that they don’t invite criticism unless invited there are very few people who go around saying that image is crap what were you thinking?’ (though we often may think it well I do ). I think you hit the nail on the head with the vulnerability aspect. Without some sort of explanation, the image is just that an image. Without context it is ink on paper. The vast majority (if not all) of what we see in a picture was packed by our good selves long before we arrived to stand or sit in front of the picture. Context, whether it be historical or an artist statement is what informs us. By writing something down about our image we do leave ourselves vulnerable by providing something that people either agree or disagree with something that may challenge in a tangible way. They’re our thoughts and feelings and they are what makes us who we are.One day we’ll likely be able to plug directly into each other’s heads there’ll be all sorts of instant gratification then 😉


    1. Congratulations again, my dear Melody!!! It is award season ineedd I’m so happy to find so many people love and follow your blog and your lovely poetry, you are a special lady and deserve every award on the blogosphere Hugs and kisses


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