Shopping C’ Art #flashfiction #amwriting


“It’s fine art!”

She proudly waved her hand at her creation

This once little known artist had gotten a grant to turn a two-mile long canal into a gallery.

Where there had been reeds and lily pads there were one hundred shopping carts.

“It’s brilliant!”

He smiled to the tour group he was leading.

“This artist has portrayed what life  was like for the middle class in the 21st century. Four-person families lived out of one shopping cart. We kept the shopping cart belonging to my grandparents.”

“It’s sad!”

A young boy cried out. Who will feed the ducks???

This weeks watery prompt for Friday Fictioneers is inspired by Janet Webb. Our hostess Rochelle deserves the honor of a set of waders this week.

Here is the link to the more “political” post that this photograph inspired.


22 thoughts on “Shopping C’ Art #flashfiction #amwriting

  1. Very similar to my take! Great minds, and all that. I like the idea of art and memorial rolled into one, and the subtle hint of societal breakdown where living out of shopping cart was the norm. Lots of threads nicely woven!


  2. Dear Leslie,

    This reminds me of the time a local KC artist wrapped the sidewalks of a popular park in plastic wrap. What people consider to be art never ceases to amaze me. Glad you have your ducks in a row. Nice one.




    1. I was thinking of the art “schemes” of an artist who built a wall out of canvas in No. Cal that extended for miles in farmland. I’m sure the cattle were not more appreciative of art after that 🙂


  3. If the canal is narrow, and the shopping carts are packed in tight, it could produce quite a visual experience. And if your ducks are anything like the ducks around here–they’ll find new digs (and will probably leave a souvenir or two on the exhibit, however).


  4. Funny — I can easily imagine an art show of lots of shopping carts. And leave it to a kid to bring up what everyone’s avoiding / not seeing, like calling out the emperor and his fancy new clothes.


  5. I found this to be very clever. You have created an art installation with your story. Perhaps it is the artist in me, but embedded in which I read a middle class drowning in debt that is handed down generation to generation in our country. Living out of carts as more and more homes are lost. Then out of the mouth of babes comes the reminder of nature.


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