Ghost Koi #Flashfiction #amwriting


*plunk” another pebble fell from my hand.

She’s gone. slipped right through my fingers like the stone.

I remember when she told me, “Honey, I’m a ghost. We have to find my killer before I  lose my potency.”

“Ghosts have potency levels?”

(The little things I didn’t know about my wife.)

“He killed you for your family’s BBQ recipe?”

” Best in the west” she grinned as she quoted the label.

I fell in love all over again, chasing down her killer.

They found him in a vat of the family recipe.


Now I hold her memory and aimlessly watch ghost  koi.


Today’s Friday Fictioneer’s photo prompt is the photograph of the Koi taken by Douglas Macilroy.


29 thoughts on “Ghost Koi #Flashfiction #amwriting

  1. There is something weird about ghost koi. Koi means where,hence ghost koi means where is the ghost ,in my native tongue.I laughed when I read the word ‘koi’.
    It only happens in fiction,otherwise why would someone kill for a BBQ recipe?
    Tomorrow evening ghosts will not be mentioned,until this time next year.I am sort of glad,I cannot make myself write horror stories real or fiction.


  2. Dear Leslie,

    Once more I quote my favorite line from Fried Green Tomatoes. “The secret’s in the sauce.” Poetic justice I’d say. Loved this piece. Bravo! Laughter and applause coming your way.




  3. Dear Leslie,

    This was inspired writing that at first had me thinking Russell Gayer had taken over your mind but then it got better. But seriously, this story had multiple levels, reveals and payoffs. Very subtle and strangely affecting. The last sentence is particularly good in how it returns the reader to reality and your protagonist’s loneliness and memories.





  4. I like the addition to the family recipe, and I wonder whether that particular batch of sauce should only be served at Halloween. Thanks for sharing that wonderful look into ghost koi.


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