Salute You #Veteransday #poetry #Navy

Do you remember?

Crisp uniform

tailored to you

swearing to serve your country

“I solemnly swear”

and you meant it!


Do you remember

When the seiousness of your vow

made sense?

 soldier, sailor, marine, airman

“I will serve my country…”

A clean innocent smile, once

I remember

The pride I felt

saluting my commanding officer

they toggled the switches on engine 1

they cranked up engine 2

number 3 blew our hats across the tarmack

the ship sweetly rumbled as number 4 came to life

Yes, every day could be my last

that is the risk we take

“… to serve my country”


I am a Veteran

and I believe

that the bell for freedom deserves to ring

that the next generation deserves safe borders

I salute each of you

Veterans – young and old

each of you placed yourself in harm’s way

to protect another

I am honored to have served

with you!



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