What’s Beneath Your Christmas Tree? #poetry #dark

the ring

What will you find beneath your tree this Christmas?



 a wonderland of snow

gifts elegantly circled with red satin bows

8 knives for carving

1 rope for climbing


 a lifeless form

beneath the fresh-cut Christmas Tree

Read my “festive” poem “Beneath the Christmas Tree”  over at Pen of the Damned.

pen of the damned


6 thoughts on “What’s Beneath Your Christmas Tree? #poetry #dark

  1. You know what we’ll find under the Christmas tree, A handsome Santa,with a big smile on his face. Lots and lots of gifts from heaven,because God likes good people like you . He trusts you to spread the Christmas spirit all around the globe.
    My best wishes to you ,have a wonderful,enjoyable,unbelievable Christmas with all those who are near and dear to you and an amazing New Year!


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