Life of the River #photography #haiku #poetry

Life springs forth

no matter the season

flowing onward 

The prompt at Carpe Diem is The Ob River in Russia. Though none of these shots are the Ob, I hope they convey the life and beauty of the “river.”

13 thoughts on “Life of the River #photography #haiku #poetry

      1. Such a good and timely quotsien for me to ponder.I do not use social networks much, so really my blog is my only outlet to the cyber world. I truly enjoy those that I have met in this way and I would like to keep in touch.I do find pressure to post on a frequent basis, and at times in life when that is impossible, I feel tremendous guilt. When I first started my blog, it was the first time that I had formally put my thoughts in writing. Come to find out I like to write. In fact, I have now branched out into creative writing and journal writing. In essence, blogging has opened my world to many other interests and that, in turn, has curtailed the amount of free time that I have to blog.I still love my morning routine of leisurely drinking my two cups of coffee and casually reading new blog posts. It is the perfect way for me to start the day and if I never write another blog entry, I can’t imagine giving up reading blogs. I am constantly being introduced to new books, new literary ideas, and new ways to interpret old classics I NEED this kind of mental stimulation in my life. For example I know very little about poetry, but plan to check out the several books and authors listed on this post to further that portion of my ongoing education I look forward to following the conversation on this topoic!


    1. Feb13 Aloha Frank! These photos are iredcnibly beautiful! You have such an amazing eye!!! Why don’t you come over more often Frank??We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for taking such crazy beautiful images of this wedding at the Haiku Mill.Sylvia


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