Ice cold memories #flashfiction #poetry


This grey dismal scene

flickered thoughts

embossed  my mind

long forgotten memories

path of my past

icicles dripped dark lies

“failure, fool, worthless”

mud sucked boots

clothes would never dry

and the sky, the sky

spoke the words

“there is no sun

it’s been removed”

only darkness looms

etching finality on your tomb”

no places to dream

those were taken away too

go ahead and scream, and scream

no one will hear you

here I stood

holding my hand

the one that couldn’t remember

tried so hard to forget

 we stood together

at the past’s path again

Drip – L. Moon 2013

Here’s to a New Year for Friday Fictioneers. Enjoy the work submitted by fantastic writers and poets.


22 thoughts on “Ice cold memories #flashfiction #poetry

    1. Well, I don’ t do Goodreads or LibraryThing, so I can’t say anything there. On Amazon it’s space opera , I guess there’s eight or so kyoderws I remember being checked. But if you take all the kyoderws on there, NONE of them even *begin* to match the non-ambiguity and clarity of Harry Potter , Stargate , Babylon 5 , etc. This is the problem. Space Opera means one thing to me, and another to you, and another to someone else; I’ve had people classify RAH’s stuff as mostly space opera when that simply doesn’t fit my definition at all. Looking for space opera, upbeat, family-friendly ? There’s someone out there that’s classified Urutsukudouji as family-friendly , probably.By contrast, there is absolutely no argument about fanfic labeled Harry Potter , in terms of what the label’s trying to get across. Whether it’s GOOD or not doesn’t matter you’ve already eliminated 9,999 out of 10,000 competing stories in a single stroke.I did a project on fiction classification as one of my final requirements in one of my college classes, and I thought I’d come up with a brilliant way of categorizing SF/F works so as to be able to at least partially automate the search. My professor demolished it in two seconds, though with the kind observation that it was a better try than he’d seen before.To be able to do the same thing for non-Fanfic as for fanfic, we need to find descriptive words or phrases that are just as universal in understanding as Babylon 5 Fic is to the fic world, and I’m really not sure it’s possible.


  1. Dear Leslie,

    Welcome back. 🙂

    icicles dripped dark lies…my favorite line. For some reason this put me in mind of The Raven by the Master of Darkness, Poe. Well done.




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