Awaken Me #poetry #photography

a new year 035

I lay here

cold and solitary

life passes by

I too inert to cry


Free once

to laugh and sing

 formed of sinew and bone

I now a mindless stone


“Where do you go?”

I call as they pass

you eddy and whirr

I dream to  momentarily stir


no use

I never can drift

with a meaningless sigh

once again I close my eyes


This poem is symbolic of my blogging state today. I am frozen and for some unknown reason can’t change a post I needed to reschedule. So I, like the stone, watch the words go by and I have little control.


14 thoughts on “Awaken Me #poetry #photography

  1. An important state. Before entering a new space, an in order to enter it properly, one has to be still. It’s like the tides, we are like the tides… only the human mind creates stories around it as being blocked, because it’s conditioned to believe doing is the only right thing, because it’s the only thing we can’see’ and show. We give very little honor and acknowledgement to being. However, I trust its the very way of a creative mind to tap into the unseen, one has to become still and unseen too… so, I celebrate your state of being frozen, winter is always followed by spring that’s the natural way of things and we are nature too…


  2. I watch the masses passing by
    Drones in fear of loosing light;
    Rushing steps that cloud their sky
    I gauge their panicked flight .

    __Or senryu ?

    to passers by
    this is the stone of rest
    ideas found

    __Great combination, your photo and verse; thinking at the stone… can inspire different thoughts. _m


  3. Oh my… Just read this composition; im at work, but completely speechless, your writing always invokes so much emotion; has the ability to truly paint a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing.


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