Look Up or Look down #poetry #photography

Below stately columns tall

and lofty words

men rise and fall

 many have gone before us

some to revere

others under breath

we sneer

here lies the mystery

if you led with honor

you revered through history

were you the fool

they will malign you

curse your rule

lead for the lives of the least

understand their pain

and eyes will tear

when they consider your reign

A leader may be one who leads a few or the masses but a good leader is neither arrogant nor small in the way he looks upon others.  He is the one little children want to emulate when they are grown.

Our prompt at Poet’s United – Leader.

poets united


7 thoughts on “Look Up or Look down #poetry #photography

  1. Ingenious to use the column and the motion of looking up and down to deepen this theme. It is not the size of the monument that matters but actions behind the rhetoric, behind the silence. And whatever is said in people’s throats, God knows … Beautiful poem.


  2. Yes..the premise of looking up or down is a really powerful way to approach this subject..that little girls face seems to be the voice that carries through the words..


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