Got Milk? #PEN #horror #poetry

got milkShivering

my blood froths til it bubbles

chilling horror

Check out my latest piece of horror over at   Pen of the Damned .

Hope you leave with a chill running down your spine 🙂


4 thoughts on “Got Milk? #PEN #horror #poetry

  1. Will my memory be… in this creature’s belch?

    don’t “shrug” this danger
    this tense of the ogre’s crawl
    searching minds

    __Moonie, your poem’s thought reminded me of a parallel reflection, that (attempted) progress of gaining subliminal control, and that is indicated by the quotes. Who is John Galt?
    _This so well written, Moonie!!! > I offer my appologies for… my interpretive reading. < _m


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