Fleurs for Mother’s Day #poetry #mom #mothersday

Her smile gives me cause to grin

I’d pick a handful of every fragrance

put them in a vase

make the perfect card

she’d remember my silly face

with cake batter hands

making her a mother’s day surprise

catching laughter in her eyes

swallowing up mother’s day memories again


I couldn’t ruin flowers in a vase but I certainly ruined many a mother’s day cake.

What memories do you hold of Mother’s Day with your mother or as a mother?

Wishing all mothers and the Poetry Pantry Folks

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!


25 thoughts on “Fleurs for Mother’s Day #poetry #mom #mothersday

  1. Many good memories of Mother’s Day with my mom, but then again, there was the one I ruined when I had to go to the hospital. = )


  2. Your poem made me remember the Mother’s Days celebrated when my mother was alive….I think even though I am a mother myself now, I still remember those long ago days when I made my mother homemade cards.


  3. Moonie, that was a sweet, short, and simple poem for your mom. I enjoyed every line like seedless grapes from the local supermarket. Happy belated Mother’s day and thank you for stopping by and following me on twitter. I want to know what your thoughts are on some of my poetry on my blog @: http://www.jamztoma.blogspot.com. The current theme is: spiritual, confessional, inspirational, and musical. Have a lovely day!!!


  4. Loved this moving poem. My Mom died at 67 and I still miss her. Well written.
    Also much thanks for your comment of my poem The Keyhole. As you may have guessed it is about my Mother. Glad you liked it.



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