Second Fiddle #poetry #art #music

violin fini by L. Moon

Playing out of tune

my first string snapped

no one to hear my concerto



Key of C is flat

you came and seized my bow

then you walked away

over plucked


not to worry tho

 my strings I changed today

more bows,  in a bit of  luck

 fiddler performs soon


Relationships have their ups and downs. What do you do when you are out of tune???


11 thoughts on “Second Fiddle #poetry #art #music

  1. What a great poem. Then I read your last sentence and I had to re-read all over again. You do have a good way with words. When I’m down or got disappointed by someone, I like to take a moment and think about what just happened, and try to move on 🙂 Great work.


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