Life’s Loom #haiku #photography #poem

In silence I work

hands weave the day’s colorful strands

beauty pours forth


readying the loom

the weaver sets forth his plan

I spilled the yarn



The prompt for Carpe Diem is Tapestry.

What beauty will you weave today?


22 thoughts on “Life’s Loom #haiku #photography #poem

  1. Moonie,
    __Sedoka… two, so nicely ‘linked’ haiku, and such very colorful photos; the ‘hidden stories,’ in each photo, are to me the ‘keys’ of haiku.
    __”Spilled yarn,” writer’s bloc?

    writers weave
    their words to storied cloth
    poem’s fabric



  2. Lovely collage of beautiful photos to go with your well expressed haiku for tapestry ~ weaving the yin and yan of life ~ wonderful!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


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