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winter water

You are strong and beautiful in rites and in the shining of the altar,

mounting like the smoke of perfumes to the column of praise.

Where you intercede for the people who stretch towards the mirror of light

to whom there is praise on high.

(Excerpt from”Columba Aspexit”  by Hildegarde von Bingen at All poetry)

Can you carry  this song to parched nations?

offering silver hope in the sight of none

whispered echo of your victory

in chanted prayers of the nuns

Our trodden spirits long to be revived

as our souls are seered and desert dry

bathe our feet in holy libations

tears caught when the heavens cry

Give us cause to upward lift our praise

 gathered in one choral sacrament

to raise notes in pleasing offering

let ours be a welcome instrument

Lord in humility we prostate lay

what we place on the altar meek

make change in our hearts be true

let it be your precious love we seek

like the winged white symbol

let us with one spirit rise

lifted unto the radiant son

upon righteous wings we fly


“Then will I go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy:

yes, on the harp will I praise you, O God my God.”

~Psalms 43:4

Poets United Midweek Motif  has asked us to write a poem based on the work of Hildegard von Bingen a nun in the tenth century. I was not familiar this woman but am inspired by her poetry and music. There is much to be learned from a humble heart whose only intent is pleasing her God.


21 thoughts on “To be Inspired #spiritual #poetry #song

  1. “a humble heart whose only intent was pleasing her god” Pleasing her god, and in so doing set an iconic virtue… for the pleasure of others to follow.
    __And your verse too, an emblem. _m


  2. Oh, this is truly beautiful! It has such a prayerful tone, and as I read it I gain a sense of peace. I cannot quote just one part that is my favorite. The whole poem is. We really do need cause to upward lift our praise, and poetry such as yours is one way to do it. Brava!


  3. I felt breathless after I read your poem, my spirit uplifted, my hope too. How perfect to apply her style to contemporary struggles–“Parched nations”–to reviver the spirits of the hopeless. This poem breathes, too, as a psalm might. The heavens seem to be crying–may their tears and our voices and your poem bring relief.

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    1. For some reason “visions” freak people out but if you said “dreams” we might better understand.
      The artist I just interviewed last week had a premonition of the attack on New York 3 years prior to 911. He said his hand was guided.


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