Plop… #friendship #haiku


autumn ripples

walk river edges

 circles ripple and collide

full of skipping stones


This haiku the theme River Stones is dedicated to each of the fantastic people (friends) at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem.

This Haiku is full of symbols: River edges = life, ripple = friendship, skipping stones=haiku

Thanks to Kristjaan Panneman for creating an environment full of warm ripples and skipping stones.


15 thoughts on “Plop… #friendship #haiku

  1. I love skipping stones. And I love a walk by the river (which I did on Thursday). There is something that lends itself to quiet introspection when you’re by a large body of water. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Leslie.


  2. Thanks Leslie for this nice sign of friendship … you have said it in a great way. Makes me humble and proud that Carpe Diem has really become a family of haiku loving friends.
    Thank you …


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