Frozen #poetry #winter


pink begonia


She always seemed to wear pink

like a spirited blossom

that always embodied spring

where once we sat

there is a cold covering

nothing speaks of her warmth

dawning day in starry eyes

heat of molten sunsets

her flower petals drop

I traverse this white  path

her bare footprints covered

frozen is the fabric of my tears

that fall like icicles

and I sit on our bench



winters bench


I went far afield on the Poet’s United prompt today. I am snowed in at this beautiful getaway – so the snow covered bench and the rambunctious pink begonia stole the show which was supposed to be focused on “Fashion.”


21 thoughts on “Frozen #poetry #winter

  1. Fashion offers a wide berth. Your piece certainly falls within that realm. Pink is usually so perky, but you juxtapose it with a rather blue tale creating a tension that serves the message nicely.


  2. I love the creative way you brought fashion lightly into it with her always seeming to wear pink – and that flower photo is so artsy! also like that snow covered bench – and just such an interesting poem (fabric of my tears) = need to read it again 🙂


  3. Lovely poem again, Leslie. Pink is certainly fashionable – it’s such as warm tone, hard not to be uplifted by it the slightest bit. Beautiful begonia. It doesn’t seem to mind the cold 🙂


  4. frozen is the fabric of my tears – such a beautiful line…all the loss and grief encapsulated so profoundly..i can’t help but think of all the people that pass by ‘us’ not knowing when it would only take a minute to help dissipate sadness…


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