Creature Comforts #poetry #photography #dogs

dusk clouds

Between strong legs

I look beyond the porch

waves of snow hemmed in with ice

once I would have savored cold

challenging the white waves

feeling exuberance of youth

I lay down at his feet

soaking in homey warmth

his knowing reflects in my eyes

together we dream by the fire

whit bw



Today I needed to be warmed from the inside out. As I share this poem with Poet’s Pantry , I take a look into a friend’s eyes whom I dearly miss.

poets united




26 thoughts on “Creature Comforts #poetry #photography #dogs

  1. smiles…i feel your warmth….we got another 5 inches of snow and a 1/4 inch of ice yesterday…its warming up though….the trees are weeping….but time with the pups…that is def warm…a good friend


  2. Very little can compare to sharing the warmth with one’s beloved pup! Hard to remember, after they are gone, but one wouldn’t want the memories not to be.


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